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VBox XLT-1210S Fast Ethernet Satellite Receiver

VBox XLT-1210S Fast Ethernet Satellite Receiver

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SKU: XLT1210

The XLT 1210S Fast Ethernet Satellite receiver provides satellite-to-LAN connectivity. Designed to receive IP over DVB efficiently and route the incoming data though 10-based T, the XLT 1210S offers ease of integration and operational stability required for small

office/home office (SOHO) environments. TheXLT1210S is designed to deliver IP-based video, audio and data. In addition, the XLT 1210S receiver/router increases satellite bandwidth utilization via section packing. The XLT 1210S also includes built-in management features that enable remote monitoring and control over a LAN.

Flexible Data Routing to a Fast Ethernet LAN Incoming multicast and unicast streams are easily routed onto the network or to a target device e.g. a server. Administration of incoming streams, including IP-packet TTL modification, provides easy customization for a wide variety of LAN environments.

Easy Installation and Network Integration The Installation of the XLT 1210S is fairly easy and initial settings can be done using its console interface.
Remote Monitoring and Management Satellite tuning, data handling, performance statistics, signal strength information, indications for signal/data lock and routing functions, controlled and managed remotely through LAN/WAN or over the satellite link. Flexible management options include command line, Web-based remote management or standard SNMP-basedmanagement.
Security Receiver password protection provides added security to the network. FixedKey CAS is provided with HTTP and SSL insures secure access XLT 1210S. Other data
security options available, including IP level decryption and Conditional Access.
Flexible Architecture for Data Handling The XLT 1210S supports both Multi-Protocol Encapsulation (MPE) and enable configuration of MPE CRC and checksum. It also support full network stack including UDP/TCP/IP protocols.



 VBox XLT-1210S Fast Ethernet Satellite Receiver

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