Ku Band Satellite Internet for Africa on iDirect Platform - T11N AFRICA


Kbps Inbound Kbps Outbound Dedicated (1:1) Shared (1:4) Shared (1:10)
256 128 Request for a quote Request for a quote Request for a quote
512 128
512 256
1024 256
1024 512
2048 512
2048 1024
3072 1024
4096 1024


Technical Specifications
Satellite T11N Africa
HUB Platform iDirect Evolution
Frequency Ku-Band Standard

Minimum Remote VSAT Hardware
Antenna 1.2m Ku-Band Linear
BUC 3W for up to 512 Kbps Upload, 6W for up to 1024 Kbps Upload
LNB Standard Ku-Band
Modem iDirect X1, X3, X5, iQ

  • Higher bandwidth options are available on request.
  • Link management is available to block access based on applications and scheduling.
  • The dedicated customer portal is available for resellers including logos and web addresses.
  • VoIP Services, please contact us for a breakdown of VoIP options and fees.

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