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Tsunami MP-820 Base Station Unit, 100 Mbps, MIMO 2x2, Type-N Connectors

Tsunami MP-820 Base Station Unit, 100 Mbps, MIMO 2x2, Type-N Connectors

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Presenting Proxim’s Next Generation Wireless Solution

Proxim Wireless is a leader and an early innovator in wireless technology providing high‐speed, long‐range broadband wireless solutions. Leveraging the advantages of OFDM, MIMO radio innovations along with Proxim’s proprietary Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol (WORP®), Tsunami® Multipoint 820 series is a feature rich evolving equipment specifically designed to address video protection market

The compact and robust form factor of Tsunami® Multipoint 820 series is an ideal solution for urban wireless deployments. It is suitable for pole mounting, next to video camera, in order to ensure citizen protection.

Tsunami® Multipoint 820 series is also adapted for in vehicle mounting and supports seamless roaming at very high speed.

World-class Performance

  • WORP Sync: Collocated Base Station synchronization
  • Features a very small form factor and an outdoor rated IP67 Metal enclosure
  • Available with 15 dBi integrated antenna or N-Type connectors
  • 50Mbps (license upgradable to 100Mbps) or 100 Mbps of throughput, with maximum data rates of 300Mbps
  • Provides flexible channel planning with support for 5.150 to 5.925 GHz
  • Comes with a 2x2 MIMO high power radio capable of 26 dBm transmit power
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation for service tiers
  • Seamless roaming up to 295 km/h (185 mph)
  • Powered via 802.3at PoE

Video Ready and Highly Secure

  • Service flow based Quality of Service with advanced packet recognition (layer 2, 3 or 4)
  • Multi-cast traffic compliant (no performance reduction) and built in IGMP snooping
  • Advanced encryption protects over-the-air transmission via AES-128
  • Radio mutual authentication eliminates unauthorized use of the system by rogue subscriber units and man-in-the middle attacks
  • Choice of WORP® or WORP® Sync protocol based on application requirements
  • MAC, Ether type, IP address packet filtering provides granular network security
  • Choice of WORP® or WORP® Sync protocol based on application requirements
  • Features highly-secure remote management via SSL, SSH and SNMPv3

Reducing Costs for Wireless ISPs

  • License-free frequency bands worldwide provide reliable wireless broadband without the high cost of licensed frequencies
  • Low-cost bundle including both radio and mounting kit provides the industry's most aggressive price point, enabling any deployment to enjoy a quick return on investment

Easy to Install

  • Comes as a complete compact outdoor form factor offering unprecedented ease of installation
  • Deployment tools include spectrum analyzer, antenna alignment and remote management configuration
  • Non Line-of-Sight capability provided by Advanced Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) along with 2x2 MIMO eases deployment in challenging areas
  • Collocated Base Station synchronization ready
  • Connects to all existing Tsunami® MP.11, and Tsunami® 8200
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