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Tianyi Satcom

Tianyi Satcom 1.2M Manual Flyaway Antenna (MF1200Z-A)

Tianyi Satcom 1.2M Manual Flyaway Antenna (MF1200Z-A)

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SKU: MF1200Z-A


  • ➢ Ring focus antenna with 8 segments reflector
  • ➢ Carbon fiber reflector with light weight, high strength and one person can finish the installation within 3 minutes.
  • ➢ Easy acquisition without any training and tools;
  • ➢ Fast and high-quality transmission at anytime and anywhere.
  • ➢ Carbon fiber tripod support legs.
  • ➢ Support Ku and Ka band as an option;
  • ➢ Using at such industries as Broadcast & media, emergency & public safety, oil and gas etc.

System composition

1. Single offset reflector antenna, 6 segments.   

2. AZ, EL pedestal, feed, feed support arm , support legs etc.  

System features

1. Superior RF performance through optimization design of reflector and RF branch. 

2. Utilization rate of carbon fiber is up to 80% ,the reflector has light weight, high strength, convenient and simple in disassembly and assembly and                 one person can finish the installation within 5 minutes.  

3. Fast and high quality band width transmission with transmission band width not less than 10M anywhere and anytime.  

4. High integration ,light weight ,case type.

5. No tool is needed in assembly & disassembly of the antenna and interchangeability is good. 


1.2m KU manual   flyaway antenna

Antenna feed




Equivalent   aperture 

1.2 m

POL   mode



Rx:12.25~12.75 GHz


Rx:≥41.5+20lg(f/12.50)   dBi

Tx:14.00~14.50 GHz

Tx:≥42.6+20lg(f/14.25)   dBi

Port   isolation 

Rx-Tx :≥ 85 dB(LNB input  )


Rx:≤ 1.3

Tx-Rx:≥ 40 dB(BUC output )

Tx:≤ 1.3

Cross   polarization isolation

 ≥ 35 dB(axle )

1st   side lobe

≤ -14 dB

Motion range


± 45°

Power   capacity

≤1000 W


0° ~ 90°

RF   interface



± 90°


Operating   temperature 

-40°C~+60 °C

Operating wind   velocity 

≤11 m/s(Ballasting )

Storage   temperature 

-50°C~+70 °C

Survival wind   velocity 

≤18 m/s(Ballasting )

Humidity   requirement 

No more than  95%(20 °C)

Protection   grade 

 IP 65

System   weight 

≤17Kg(excluding BUC、LNB、packaging   and accessories etc)

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