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SABRE Ranger M2M Ruggedized BGAN M2M Satellite Terminal

SABRE Ranger M2M Ruggedized BGAN M2M Satellite Terminal

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The SABRE™ Ranger M2M is a BGAN M2M (machine-to-machine) terminal with a ruggedized mechanical enclosure build for long term outdoor all weather installation. It is designed for SCADA applications in remote unmanned location. The firmware is specially designed such that it can provide reliable and stable BGAN connectivity continuously for long period without user intervention. 


To ensure that users are always in control of SABRE™ Ranger M2M, Addvalue developed features that enable users to control the terminal remotely and is fully compatible with Remote Terminal Manager (RTM) which allows the user to graphically view the location of the terminal and the terminal status. The PDP context of the SABRE™ Ranger M2M can be activated or deactivated remotely via SMS; in times when users need to reboot the terminal, the rebooting process can also be initiated via SMS; the terminal can be configured remotely using SMS commands; and logs can be retrieved remotely for debugging. The SABRE™ Ranger M2M also comes with a mounting bracket that's specially designed for easy antenna pointing.


  • Remote configuration and debugging 
  • 24/7 Always-On Capability
  • IP watchdog for fail-safe operation
  • PDP activation/deactivation via SMS
  • Selected settings via SMS
  • Reboot terminal via SMS
  • Fully compatible with Remote Terminal Manager (RTM)
  • Single unit with integrated antenna (all-in-one)
  • Ruggedized (IP65) mechanical enclosure for prolonged outdoor harsh weather installation 
  • NEMA Type 4X  Corrosion Resistance
  • Enhanced Vibration and Shock Resistance
  • Class I Div. 2 and ATEX Zone 2, Group II, Category 3
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade at no charge
  • Secure Remote Access restricted with authorized numbers
  • Wind loading of up to 125mph (200kph) with standard mounting bracket.


<tdalign="right">Transmission Wattage
BGAN Network
Upload (Transmit) Max Speed 240 Kbps - Class 3 BGAN
Download (Receive) Max Speed 384 Kbps - Class 3 BGAN
Satellite Transmit Frequency 1626.5–1675 MHz (L-band)
Satellite Receive Frequency 1518–1559 MHz (L band)
GPS Frequency 1574.42–1576.42 MHz
Terminal Weight < 1.5 Kg (3.3 lbs)
Terminal Dimensions 305 mm x 186 mm x 49 mm (12" x 7.32" x 1.93")
 Interfaces - Via Cable Run - 10 Meter Standard Length
Data (Internet) Connection Ethernet RJ-45
Serial Port RS232 (via DB9) 9600 bps with 10m multi-function cable
Power Port 12 to 17 Volt DC. Two amp minimum (no AC/DC adapter provided)
Optional Cable Run Lengths 10 (standard), 20, 30, 40, and 50 Meter Cable Runs available from VSATplus 
Operating Temperature -40° C to +75° C (-40° F to +167° F)
Humidity 95% RH non-condensing at +40° C (104° F)
ODU Wind Loading Wind is not an issue if terminal is securely mounted... formally rated at 100 MPH
ODU Water and Dust IP-65 Compliant (withstands water jets from any direction)
NEMA NEMA 4X rated
Hazardous Rating Class 1 Div 2 and ATEX Zone 2, Group II, Category 3 Certified
Input Voltage 12 to 17 Volt DC. Two amp minimum
Normal Receive Operation Wattage 6 watts for open full-time TCP-IP connection.
Short transmission bursts may pull up to 22 watts.
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