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Romantis UHP-1000 Universal Satellite Router

Romantis UHP-1000 Universal Satellite Router

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  • 2 demodulators with separate IF inputs and universal modulator
  • ACM in forward and return channels, including SCPC mode
  • Superior throughput up to 60’000 pps and 150 Mbps aggregate
  • TDMA protocol with LDPC coding and efficiency of 96%
  • Ultra-low latency VSAT system with round-trip delay 570 ms
  • VLAN, multi-level QoS, RT traffic handling, TCPA
  • Adaptive hierarchic traffic shaper specially designed for VSAT
  • Built-in web-console, user-friendly software configuration
  • Fast network startup: ready for use in a minute upon power-up
  • Low power consumption – less than 10 Watt (without RF ODU)
  • Compatible with majority of C, Ku and Ka-band RF Systems
  • Easy to install and reliable operation with MTBF >200’000h


UHP-1000 satellite router is a universal software-defined component of highly-efficient satellite networks of any operation mode or topology. UHP-1000 can work as an SCPC modem with the satellite carrier fixed or assigned on-demand. It can also be a mini-hub or a remote station in TDM/TDMA network or any node (master or slave) in a fully meshed Hubless TDMA network.

Innovative algorithms for network access, resource allocation and data encapsulation as well as advanced modulation and coding, implemented in the UHP routers, ensure efficient utilization of satellite resource. Two built-in demodulators allow simultaneous reception of either TDM carrier from the hub and TDMA mesh carrier from two distinct satellite beams or from two antennas. Universal modulator can instantaneously switch from TDMA burst mode to SCPC mode, thus assuring high data throughout and efficiency.

UHP-1000 router is a compact and reliable device and can be installed on a work desk or in an equipment rack or inside a customized enclosure. Low power consumption and uniquely fast start on power-up facilitate use of alternative power sources, such as solar batteries. Integrated high-performance IP router supports different protocols and has expanded means for provision of Quality of Service (QoS).

UHP-1000 is a high-performance satellite router for a wide range of applications, such as enterprise networking, videoconferencing, distribution and contribution of video, voice and data trunking, cellular backhaul, and broadband Internet access.


Topology                                                              point-to-point, star, half mesh, full mesh
Carrier modes                                                    SCPC, TDM, TDMA
Scalability                                                            Up to 31 Inroutes per network, up to 7812 terminals per network (252 per Inroute)

Data Rate                                                              from 250 kbps (250kSps @ QPSK 1/2) up to 86 Mbps (32MSps @ 8PSK 9/10)
                                                                                FEC                               1/2          3/5       2/3        3/4      4/5       5/6       7/8       8/9
Modulation / Coding
                                                                                DVB-S (QPSK)              3.7           -         4.0         4.6      -          5.1        5.8        -
Demodulator Performance Eb/N0
                                                                                DVB-S2 (QPSK)            1.0          1.6       2.0        2.4     2.8       2.9         -         3,8
BER <10-8
                                                                                 DVB-S2 (8PSK)             -             3.2       4.0        4.7      -           5.8        -          6.9
QoS                                                                         3-level traffic prioritization, adaptive 500-channels-Traffic Shaper

Data Rate                                                              From 133 kbps (100 ksps @ QPSK 1/2) up to 6,5 Mbps (4 Msps @ QPSK 5/6)
Modulation / Coding                                            QPSK, LDPC
Demodulator Performance                                FEC                2/3               5/6
Eb/No, BER <10  
                                                                                 Eb /No            4.2                4.8
QoS                                                                         3-level traffic prioritization, Committed Information Rate (CIR)
Performance                                                         96 Mbps or 28000 pps
Support                                                                  DSCP, end-to-end VLAN, RIP, L2 Bridging, CRTP
Management                                                         WWW, Telnet, SNMP, NMS Configuration Manager

User LAN port                                                       Ethernet 10/100Base-T, RJ-45
Maintenance console                                         USB, B female
IF Rx                                                                       950-2050 MHz  (LNB DC – 13.5V/18V 0.75A), F type
IF Tx                                                                        950-1550 MHz, –30…- 5 dBm, (LO 10 MHz / +5 dBm, BUC DC – 24V / 2A), F type
Mechanical / Environmental (IDU)
Power                                                                    176-283 VAC, 10 W
Operating temperature                                       0 …+40 C, humidity up to 90%
Size / Weight                                                         147х144х29 mm / 530 g  

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