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Nera Satlink 1000 DVB-RCS Satellite Modem

Nera Satlink 1000 DVB-RCS Satellite Modem

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The SatLink 1000 is a DVB-RCS compliant Indoor Unit (IDU) designed for connecting a single user or an end-user LAN to a DVB-RCS satellite network. The design is compact, lap-top sized, making it well suited for placement on the office desk in a SOHO environment.

The Nera SatLink 1000 contains the DVB-S/DVB-RCS modems, an industry standard IP stack, and Ethernet interface enabling connection to the services offered by a DVB-RCS Gateway without any other external units or adapters. The Nera SatLink 1000 can be configured with a range of different antennas and Outdoor Units (ODUs).


• Up to 4 Mbps IP throughput

• Return link bit rates from 128kbps to 2Mbps

• DVB-RCS Compliant
    -Compliant with version 1.3.1 of the DVB-RCS standard ETSI EN 301790
    -Supports ATM and MPEG options on return link
    -Supports Turbo Coding FEC on the return link

• Multicast support
    -Enabling of forward link multicast streams to the LAN via IGMP
    -Support for routing LAN multicast streams to the return link

• QoS
    -Supports classification of return link traffic into different quality of service classes
     based on IP addresses, protocol types, DSCP/TOS, and port numbers of the IP 
     packets to be transmitted

• Can be managed from the Hub or from local LAN via
    -Web interface
    -SNMP (option)

• Easy to upgrade SW
    -By administrative user via TFTP
    -From the Hub via TFTP or Multicast

• Industry standard IP stack
    -IP, ARP, ICMP, TCP, IGMP, TFTP client, Telnet server, DHCP Server on local LAN
    -Options for SNMP management, NAT, and GRE tunnels on the Air Interface.

• Prepared to interface with industry standard LNBs and transmitters
    -Enhanced DiSEqC support enabling very accurate control of the ODU output power
     when used together with the integrated power detector in the Nera SatLink 3000  

• Compact design (size of a lap-top)

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