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Jonsa Technologies

Jonsa Technologies VSATplus 1.2M Ku/KA/Rx-only Antenna

Jonsa Technologies VSATplus 1.2M Ku/KA/Rx-only Antenna

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JONSA TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. provides VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) at Ku band and Ka band frequency, to meet customer's demands in satisfactory.


  • The antenna product can correspond with branded electronic device in the market (ex. BUC - intergraded LNB - Transceiver .. etc.)
  • Antenna performance may vary by using different electronic devices or feed horn. 
ltem No. VSATE120
Reflector Dish
Type Elliptical
Offset Angle 18.29°
Physical Size Short Axis 118.4cm
Physical Size Long Axis 122.1cm
Aperture Diameter 117.2cm
F/D Ratio 0.75
Focus Length 866.5mm
Antenna Specification
Operation Frequency TX RX
Efficiency 13.75 ~ 14.5 GHz 10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz
Ku-Band Gain 70% Min. 70% Min.
3dB Beamwidth 43.7dBi @ 14GHZ 42.0 dBi @12.75 GHz
Cross Polarization on Axis 1.2° Max. 1.4° Max.
within 1 dB Beamwidth 30dB 25 dB
Feed Interface WR75 WR75
Mounting Type Pole Mount
Adjustment Type AZ /EL Adjustable
Material Galvanized Steel
Finish Polyester Coating
Color Light Grey / Dank Grey
Elewation Range 5° - 90"
Azinuth Range 0° ~ 360°
Pole Diameter Acceptable ¢76 mm
Operational Winds 55 mph
Survival Winds 100 mph
Ambient Temperature -40°C -+60°C
Relative Humidity 0 ~100%
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