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General Dynamics Satcoms

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies 1241 2.4M C-Band Circular Tx/Rx (1.3 VAR) WR-137 Antenna

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies 1241 2.4M C-Band Circular Tx/Rx (1.3 VAR) WR-137 Antenna

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GD Satcom 1241 2.4M C-Band Circular Tx/Rx (1.3 VAR) WR-137 Antenna System

GD Satcom is the world's largest manufacturer of Rx/Tx VSAT antennas. We have the broadest product line in the industry including Receive Only, Rx/Tx and Rural Telephony antenna systems. GD Satcom offers nineteen antenna sizes, 47cm to 4.5M. GD Satcom is the leader in obtaining type certifications and approvals for Intelsat, AsiaSat and Eutelsat. GD Satcom antennas provide the best quality in the market due to the sophisticated, precision SMC compression molding process technology. GD Satcom provides the best value antenna solution to the market with competitive prices, the highest quality products and superb engineering support.


    • Precision Compression molded offset reflector
    • Non-penetrating roof mounts and king posts available
    • Interface kits for all C & Ku-Band RF heads in stock
    • Reflector/Feed electrical anti-icing available

    C-Band Circular Feed

    Antenna Size 2.4M (96 in.)
    Operating Frequency (GHz)

    5.85 - 6.425 GHz
    3.625 - 4.20 GHz
    Antenna Gain at Midband, dBi (± .2dB)

    42.20 dBi
    38.20 dBi
    VSWR 1.3:1 Max
    Pattern Beamwidth (in degrees at midband)
        -3 dB
        -15 dB

    Rx: 2.20°, Tx: 1.40°
    Rx: 4.90°, Tx: 3.10°
    Sidelobe Envelope, Co-Pol (dBi)
        100λ / D < θ ≤ 20°
        20° < θ ≤ 26.3°
        26.3° < θ ≤ 48°
        θ > 48°

    29 - 25 Logθ dBi
    -3.5 dBi
    32 - 25 Logθ dBi
    -10 dBi (averaged)
    Antenna Noise Temperature
        10° Elevation
        20° Elevation
        30° Elevation
        40° Elevation

    57 K
    49 K
    45 K
    45 K
    Axial Ratio (Circular)

    2.28 dB
    1.94 dB
    Feed Interface

    CPR 137 
    CPR 229F
    Maximum Radio Weight 20 Lbs. (9 Kg.)
    (Optional Feed Stabilizer available for higher radio weight)
    Reflector Material Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester SMC
    Antenna Optics Prime Focus, Offset Feed, Four-piece
    Mast Pipe Size 6” SCH 40 Pipe (6.63” OD) 16.83 cm.
    Elevation Adjustment Range 5°to 90°Continuous Fine Adjustment
    Azimuth Adjustment Range 360°Continuous, +/- 10°Fine Adjustment
    Mount Type Elevation over Azimuth
    Shipping Weight (Total) 545 lbs. (248 kg.)
    Install (Net) Weight 365 lbs. (166 kg.)
    Environmental Performance
    Wind Loading

    50 mph (80 km/h)
    125 mph (201 km/h)
    Temperature Range (operational) -40°to 140°F (-40°to 60°C)
    Rain (operational) 1/2” (13mm) / hr
    Atmospheric Conditions Salt, Pollutants and Contaminants as Encountered in Coastal and Industrial Areas
    Relative Humidity 0 to 100% With Condensation
    Solar Radiation 360 BTU/h/ft²
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