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Cobham EXPLORER 710 Inmarsat BGAN Terminal

Cobham EXPLORER 710 Inmarsat BGAN Terminal

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Explorer 710 Satellite Terminal

Smart and Easy

The new flagship in the EXPLORER series introduces Smart Phones to the world of BGAN, enabling users to connect their own devices for controlling the terminal and for voice calling and connectivity.

Other features includes a USB host interface, hot-swappable batteries, a large easy-to-use LED display and multiple interfaces to support a wide range of applications.

Smallest and Lightest

The EXPLORER 710 is an ultra-portable satellite terminal set to usher in a new era in the world of BGAN by setting new standards for size, speed, and features.

It is the smallest Class 1 BGAN terminal positioned to support broadcasters in enhancing the quality of mobile outside broadcasting.

Fastest Ever BGAN

The first and only BGAN terminal to support the new High Data Rate on-demand streaming service from Inmarsat. With speeds higher than 600 kbps the EXPLORER 710 sets a new standard for mobile video news-gathering.

Double the speed with plug and play bonding – simply connect two EXPLORER 710 terminals with an Ethernet cable and achieve streaming rates over 1 Mbps.

Next Generation

EXPLORER 710 is the complete package, featuring touches like a USB host interface, hot-swappable batteries, easy-to-use LED display and multiple interfaces.

It’s the world’s smallest and lightest Class 1 BGAN terminal and the first platform to make use of new high data rate streaming as standard, so is a true next generation BGAN terminal.


  • Standard IP speeds up to 492kbps
  • Streaming IP rates around 650kbps but up to 800kbps through HDR
  • Simultaneous voice and broadband data
  • SMS, email, web browsing, corporate networks, and file transfer
  • Built-in web server to manage phone book, messages and calls, and terminal customization
  • Meets military and government requirements for security
  • Plug and Play Bonding for broadcast quality
  • Bring your own device
  • Lightweight, compact, and durable terminal
  • Easy to use and install
  • Detachable and lightweight antenna
  • Global coverage except extreme Polar Regions

Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 13 x 6 in
Primary Features

Support for BGAN bonding
Built-in SIP server
Embedded webserver
Advanced Router with admin control Wireless Access Point
Remote Activation and Remote Management Battery hot-swap and Intelligent Power Management Solar Panel powering

Device Dimensions

332mm (13.07 inches) x 279mm (10.98 inches) x 54mm (2.13 inches)


650+ kbps

Streaming IP

32, 64, 128 & 256 kbps


Total w/Battery 3.5kg or 7.7 pounds
Antenna 1.9kg or 4.2 pounds
Transceiver w/Battery 1.6kg or 3.5 pounds

User Interface

PMOLED Display
5 navigation keys
Audio and LCD pointing aids
LED indicator

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