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Ayecka SR1 Pro Professional DVB-S2 IP Demodulator

Ayecka SR1 Pro Professional DVB-S2 IP Demodulator

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Product Highlights

  • Professional solution for IP over DVB-S2 receiving
  • Full support of DVB-S2
  • VCM and ACM
  • MODCOD: QPSK 1/4 to 32APSK 9/10
  • From 128K to 65Msps
  • Support MPE and GSE
  • Full wirespeed (powered by AYECKA's hardware Packet Accelerator)
  • L2 and L3 operation
  • Jumbo Frame Support
  • Fully separate management and traffic interfaces for cybersecurity
  • SNMP management

Main Applications

  • Professional satellite demodulator
  • SCPC IP connectivity over satellite
  • MCPC Satellite receivers
  • Data Casting – Eumetcast and NOAAPORT
  • MVDDS – Terrestrial Ku links

The SR1 PRO is a DVB-S2 demodulator designed to address the needs of the professional satellite communication market with performance levels well exceeding those of the entry-level SR1.

This receiver can operate at rates as low as 128Ksps in capacity-sensitive applications (such as radio channel broadcast over satellite links) and as high as 65Msps, with bandwidths of up to 240Mbps achievable via AYECKA's HPP (Hardware Packet Processing) engine.

The SR1 PRO supports ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) signals, and is available in a range of form factors (including electronic board-only for OEMs).

Separate traffic and management interface to support cybersecurity.

SNMP management interface for simple integration and automation.

Product Specifications

DVB-S2 Modulator

Standard                  Fully compliant with ETSI EN 302 307
DVB-S2 Modes        Support for CCM, VCM and ACM modes
Modulation               QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, 32APSK
Channel Rate           up to 240 Mbps
Roll-off factors          0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.35
Output Freq              950-2150MHz

IP Encapsulation
MPE                          According to ETSI 301 192
GSE                          Based on ETSI TS 102 606 and ETSI TS 102 771(1)

Traffic Interface
Interface                   10/100/1000 BaseT
Network Interface     L3 / L2

 Ayecka SR1 Pro Professional DVB-S2 IP Demodulator
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