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Ayecka SM-1 Prox New Generation DVB-S2X Modem

Ayecka SM-1 Prox New Generation DVB-S2X Modem

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Introducing the SM1ProX, our latest DVB-S2X modem designed for superior performance. This modem features a low roll-off factor of 5% on both receiving and transmitting interfaces. It supports advanced MODCODs with up to 256 APSK modulation, making it highly efficient. Additionally, it is compatible with both BUC and LNB and offers 10 MHz input/output options. The integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch ensures seamless network integration.

Perfect for point-to-point connectivity, the SM1ProX utilizes AYECKA’s HPP engine to achieve impressive data rates—220 Mbps for transmission and 320 Mbps for reception. It supports a wide range of symbol rates, from 100 Ksps to 60 Msps for transmission and up to 460 Msps for reception. The modem also supports pause frame for backpressure, facilitating easy integration into cellular backhaul systems and similar applications.

Product Highlights

•    High speed satellite DVBS2X L-Band Modem - supports from very low data rates of 100Ksps, up to 60Msps in the transmit direction, and 100Ksps up to 460Msps in the receive direction.
•    Provides up to 320Mbps sustainable throughput.
•    Provides all the required performance from such a modem - high-speed data interfaces, L-band RF, BUC and LNB support, management software.
•    Supports L2 networking and pause frames.

Main Applications

  • Data trunking

  • Mesh and star networks

  • Hub equipment

  • Data broadcast

  • Cellular backhauling.

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