AnaCom, Inc. was one of the initial firms in the Satellite Transceiver Industry, now having designed and manufactured satellite communications equipment for over 30 years. After entering the market in the mid-1990's, AnaCom's market share grew rapidly due to new and improved product designs providing inherent reliability and value.

After shipping our first product in 1995, a 5W EC-Band Transciever, Anacom soon followed with its Ku-Band line and has since developed product families of BUCs and SSPAs, as well as a variety of related accessories including the ubiquitous 1+1 Redundancy Protection Switch System. While developing each of our different product families, AnaCom, Inc. has never lost track of our founders' guiding principle: "Quality is Job #1," ensuring our position as industry leader in reliability and performance.


AnaCom ELSAT Baby BUC C/SEC-Band 5W Block Upconverter

5W C-Band BUCs

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Anacom ELSAT 10W Extended C-Band BUC

10W C-Band BUCs

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