Militaries not only need secure and reliable communications to connect soldiers in the field with central operations, but also to provide recreation and welfare services for troops deployed far from home.



The ability to quickly deploy and manage a network that can easily scale without the restrictions of an existing communications infrastructure is essential to military operations.

VSATplus offers a highly reliable and extremely scalable satellite network that can be deployed on multiple satellites in C-, Ku band, from a central hub. With built-in AES encryption and TRANSEC along with FIPS 140-2 compliance, security is never compromised. Industrialized, light weight equipment that is easy to carry, maintain and configure on the fly is backed by iVantage®, VSATplus’s centralized, user-friendly, intelligent network management system.

Multi-regional or global coverage can be achieved with VSATplus’s Global NMS and Automatic Beam Switching (ABS). With ABS Comms-on-the-move systems can travel across satellite footprints, and maintain seamless connectivity. Global NMS enables the service provider to manage each traveling remote, ensuring a consistent connection as it passes through separate networks around the world.

The VSATplus Intelligent Platform™ provides true mobility with spread spectrum mobile waveform enabling moving vehicles, ships or aircrafts to use very small antennas including specialized phased array varieties.