Oil & Gas

The need to optimize production and contain costs is evidenced in the shift toward real-time interpretation of drilling data. IP connectivity to these remote sites allows on-location subject matter experts to be virtually connected to in-field operations, resulting in faster and more accurate analysis and better decisions.

Pipeline operations are now recognized as part of vital national infrastructure and the monitoring and control of these often remote assets is of key importance for both economic and national security reasons. Across the board, the emphasis is squarely on identifying new ways to lower operating costs, increase productivity and security and gain an edge in a highly competitive industry.



iDirect technology enables high-speed, reliable satellite connectivity among onshore and offshore teams and crew. iDirect networks support high-speed voice, video and data applications in real-time, helping to increase business productivity onboard a rig or an oil tanker at sea.

The unique iDirect IP-based approach to shared bandwidth (called MF D-TDMA) significantly reduces satellite capacity by dynamically allocating bandwidth to multiple oil rigs, drilling locations and facilities alike, based on a bandwidth pool, providing a more efficient and cost-effective option. The same D-TDMA mechanism provides the deterministic guarantee of bandwidth availability needed for real-time control and data acquisition applications.

Coupled with iDirect’s award-winning Group Quality of Service (GQoS) feature, service providers can segment bandwidth across sites and prioritize allocation according to each location’s dynamic requirements, all while protecting minimum CIR and QoS settings for high-priority traffic.