When it comes to education, there are two critical needs for the turnkey satellite communications solutions VSATplus provides.

Schools and universities look to satellite communications and VSATplus’s VideoMeetings technology to provide a virtual classroom experience for students living in remote locations throughout Middle East and Africa. Governments, NGOs and foundations in developing regions turn to VSATplus for an affordable, turnkey solution that enables them provide a world-class education to students living in remote villages throughout their country.



Which is committed to fostering education through 21st century communications, provides the turnkey satellite communications and video teaching services college campuses, high schools and even elementary schools need to engage students in an interactive virtual classroom setting.  And to help governments, NGOs and foundations provide a quality education to youth living in developing regions throughout Middle East and Africa, VSATplus offers its Rural Education Package, an affordable, turnkey  education solution which bundles internet access and its VideoMeetings™ service with world-class online educational materials that meet government curriculum requirements,