Why ATTrack?

Peace of Mind To Family and Business

No matter how big or small your fleet is, and whether your fleet consists of cars, vans, buses, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, boats or other assets, Your entire fleet made visible right at your fingertips.


How It Works?

  1. Our vehicle tracking device is a wireless electronic on-board recorder that has a GPS and a GPS module. It is installed securely under the dashboard,  concealed and tamper-proof, and is powered by the vehicle`s battery.

  2. Through the GPS module, the device picks up the location of the vehicle in real time and transmit information into our server in 3 minutes in GPRS data transfer.

  3. Upon receiving data from the device to our communication server, we process the information and map it onto our software. When you access our server through an inter-connected device, you are able to identify exactly where the vehicle is on a map. Our maps are comprehensive, up-to-date and use state-of-the-art satellite imagery to capture street-level views and actual addresses.

  4. In addition to location, you can also view data like speed, idle time, distance traveled, actual routes driven, stop and start information so on with the date and time stamp.  You can also produce current and historical reports track progress and better monitor performance.

  5. Our tracking device are equipped with geo-fencing capabilities. The device can be programmed to send instant alerts when vehicle violate predefined boundaries or take unscheduled routes.

What Are You Waiting For?

ATTrack is one of the most complete ones on the market today! The only difference between us and the other companies are the higher prices they will charge you along with the monthly fees.


GPS tracking is one of the best ways to keep your vehicles safe as you will always know where they are 24/7.

Affordable Pricing

We are here to revolutionize the industry by offering the first Quality GPS tracking device for all types of industries.

Plug & Play

Need help setting up the device? Not to worry, we include manuals and other materials to help you get started.

ATTrack works under coverage AT&T in USA

ATTrack Plug and Play easy to install ready to use GPS Vehicle Tracking System

    Stay current on what's happening with live mapping of your driver's real-time locations.

    Replay activity in a timeline or breadcrumb view for the past 30 days.

    Determines vehicle speed in measured intervals (e.g. every minute)

    Measuring idle duration, you will know for how long the car is stopped in current position.

    A geofence is a virtual perimeter around a geographic area. You can create zones like your neighborhood, city limits, state or country.
  • Easily connects to OBD2 port of your car without blocking it

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