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30 meters Commscope RG-6 Coaxial Cables w/ F-Type Connectors

Cables and Connectors

USD 55.00 USD 30.00
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Advantage Compass w/ Clinometer


USD 32.00 USD 27.00
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Anacom ELSAT 10W Extended C-Band BUC

10W C-Band BUCs

USD 2,500.00 USD 1,500.00
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Ayecka SR1 Advanced DVB-S2 Receiver GigE interface


USD 470.00
Ayecka TM1-PRO DVB-S2 to DVB-S Transmodulator

DVB Modulators

USD 620.00 USD 290.00
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iDirect X3 Satellite Router with 3W Universal Ku-Band ODU Bundle


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Inmarsat IsatHub Satellite WiFi Hotspot


USD 1,349.00 USD 970.00
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New Japan Radio NJT5037N 3W Standard Ku-Band BUC

1W - 3W Ku-Band BUCs

USD 144.00 USD 115.00
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Probecom 1.2M Ku-Band Carbon Flyaway Manual Manpack Antenna


USD 9,650.00 USD 6,777.00
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Promax HD RANGER UltraLite : Tablet type TV & Satellite Analyser

Spectrum Analyzer

USD 2,484.00 USD 2,147.00
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Promax RANGERNeo 2 : Professional TV & Satellite Analyser

Spectrum Analyzer

USD 5,424.00
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Skyware Global Antenna 1.8m Tx/Rx Ku-Band Type 180 Class I

Ku-Band Rx/Tx Antenna

USD 635.00 USD 495.00

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